Scandinavian Enviro Systems – a renowned tire pyrolysis equipment manufacturer from Sweden – reports that its production company has now obtained ISO certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regarding the company’s quality and environmental management systems.

“Our production has been running in accordance with both certifications for a long time, being certified formally is important in our customer dialogues, as it’s often required,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

The certification for quality management and environmental management systems requires that the certified company can demonstrate that it has a well-defined and structured working method in order to continuously follow up various goals and processes of the business. Certification thus can serve as an important mark of quality in relation to external stakeholders, such as customers and partners.

In Enviro’s Swedish production plant for carbon black production through end-of-life tire pyrolysis the operation, reportedly, has been conducted for some time in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification requirements. According to a press release by Enviro, the business is now also formally certified, which is a prerequisite to start delivering to several international tire and rubber manufacturers.

“The ISO certification shows that we have a methodical way of working for continuous improvement, thereby ensuring that we always exceed the expectations and requirements of customers and stakeholders,” says Thomas Sörensson.

Enviro says that it has developed a pioneering technology for carbon black production using end-of-life tire pyrolysis. Utilizing recovered carbon black, rCB, instead of virgin carbon black in the production of new tires reduces both carbon dioxide emissions and the use of important resources such as oil and steel. Enviro adds that at its production facility in Åsensbruk in Dalsland, Sweden, recovered carbon black is produced continuously by means of tire pyrolysis process. The company believes that in order to meet customer requirements, future plants will also need to be ISO-certified.

“Customers who buy recovered carbon black require ISO certification, having a certification in place for our Swedish operations will facilitate certifications for new plants, and certifications according to other systems and standards,” says Thomas Sörensson.

Press release by Enviro.