A study kicked off in 2017 found that Enviro’s pyrolysis oil made out of scrap tires is suitable to be used as energy source; the research has been conducted by RISE in association with Enviro and Ragn-Sells.

Commenting on the findings, Linda Sandström, project manager at RISE said that the projects managed to show that if petrochemical industries sought reduction of fossil fuel consumption, then it would be feasible to use pyrolysis oil from scrap tires. Enviro believes that the product is of great value as it could cater to petrochemical industry where it could be used as fuel, and at the same time, it will remain sustainable energy source.

According to Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro, his company generates approximately 500 kilos of pyrolysis oil from one ton of scrap tires using its trademark system. He also said that the business potential of the recycled oil was tremendous – tire pyrolysis facility is capable of recycling 30,000 tons of tires which allows getting around 14,000 tons of oil annually.

Now the research is to find three methods that could be used to upgrade pyrolysis oil so higher grade products could be produced; special attention will be given to refining process when fuels are mixed with raw materials. The recent experiments and findings show that pure fossil oil and oil that has 20 percent of pyrolysis oil don’t have major differences.

The researchers are expected to keep on conducting the project to make sure the results are verified so the product that has pyrolysis oil and used as fuel is ready for commercialization. One of the objectives of the initiative is to reduce consumption of fossil oil. And to attain it, Sandström said that it was necessary to find refineries that would accept tire pyrolysis oil as a raw material so this would be commercially successful.

Article by Enviro.