The European Rubber Journal reports that a Swiss end-of-life tire recycling company Tyre Recycling Solutions (TRS) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with a Chinese company Star Smith Metal Products. According to the source, the two companies rallied together to build a new end-of-life tire recycling facility.

According to the news, the facility will be located in Zaozhuang (Shandong province, China) – headquarter location of Star Smith, who is a renowned producer of glued steel fiber. The source says that the construction involves an investment of EUR 28 million and, after commissioning, will recycle end-of-life tires into some 60,000 tons of high-performance rubber per year.

Swiss TRS is known for its “Water Pulse” process, which highly specialized water-jet system pulverizes tire tread into fine powder, free from steel and synthetic fibers and serves as a foundation for producing rubber powder under TRS’ trademark TyreXol.

TRS presented in the video by Coninco Explorers in Finance.

Creator of a circular economy solutions, TRS positions itself as a technology developer and integrator. The company has developed a toolbox of technologies and know-how to implement the innovative process in tire recycling. The cornerstones TRS’ toolbox are rubber powder functionalization technologies, powder chemical coating treatment, a unique water milling technology and intelligent compounding.

To learn more about the MoU, read the full article of ERJ. To learn more about TRS and the company’s technologies, visit the company’s website.