Tyre Recycling Solutions (TRS) – an innovative tire recycling company from Switzerland – announced the official inauguration of the new TyreXol™ MMA production line at facilities of Renecal, in Guardo (Palencia, Spain).

TRS' team expressed its deep gratitude to local authorities from Council of Palencia, Ministry of Environment and Municipality of Guardo, as well as all the guests for attending this event and sharing the milestone of a common project between TRS and Renecal, its recycling partner.

In addition, TRS mentioned a role SIGNUS Ecovalor in continuous support to all works and projects promoting usage of materials obtained from shredding end-of-life tires in new applications.

TyreXol™ MMA is produced with local end-of-life tires and serves as a more sustainable rubberized asphalt mixture, with a longer useful life, produced at lower temperature than usual hot asphalt mixes and driving towards real circular economy, TRS says.

To read more about TRS, check out https://www.trs-ch.com.