Alliance for Tires of the Future (German "Allianz Zukunft Reifen or AZuR) invites fleet operators to take part in AZuR’s survey. Retreaded tires are the perfect solution for fleet operators who want to reduce the operating costs of their fleet (commercial vehicles/cars) and minimize their ecological footprint. In an AZuR survey by the end of February 2023, it will be determined how fleet operators assess and use retreaded tires and how the retread rate could be increased.

In addition to gaining knowledge, the AZuR survey aims to provide food for thought on more sustainable fleet management, to break down unjustified prejudices against retreaded tires and to convey the economic and ecological advantages of retreading.

Retreaded tires for commercial vehicles and passenger cars offer fleet operators clear ecological and economic advantages compared to new tires. The retreads have a comparable quality, safety and mileage as new tires, are often cheaper to buy and are also in line with the goals of a sustainable circular economy.

Fleets with light transport vehicles (LLKW) are particularly suitable for being equipped with retreaded tires. Since the tires are changed frequently here, there is a high availability of carcasses with a low average age and low mileage, since the light trucks are often used stop-and-go for the last mile.

By participating in the survey, fleet operators support AZuR in gaining and implementing important insights for the needs-based optimization of retreaded tires for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. AZuR will send the results of the survey to participants and interested parties by e-mail.

To participate and supporte the survey and a sustainable circular tire economy please follow the link.