Royal Mat has been welcomed as a new member of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC). Royal Mat is based in Beauceville, Quebec, and produces rubber crumb and a range of rubber surfaces.

TRAC President and CEO Carol Hochu states, "We are thrilled to have Royal Mat join our Association. Royal Mat is a pioneer in the field of tire recycling and the manufacture of high-quality recycled rubber goods. We look forward to a long-term, constructive collaboration that will benefit both parties."

"We are delighted to join TRAC," said Royal Mat President and CEO Jeff Doré. "We are excited to collaborate with TRAC on issues of sustainability and advocacy related to tire recycling, end-of-life tire management, and market development for recycled rubber goods in Canada."

Every year, Royal Mat recycles over 3.5 million tires, produces rubber crumb, and manufactures a variety of rubber surfaces for a variety of industries, including residential, industrial, transportation, sport facilities, and livestock and horse matting products. Royal Mat sells its products in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

About the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada is the national trade association representing tire makers, rubber product manufacturers and importers as well as rubber recyclers and suppliers of goods and services related to the industry. TRAC is committed to educating drivers regarding proper tire care, maintenance, and usage. A key advocacy goal in the cold-weather months is to raise awareness of safe winter driving as well as the safety and performance benefits of winter tires. To learn more about the Association’s activities in the field of tire recycling, read our news archive.