Chief Operating Officer of Green Distillation Technologies Trevor Bayley slammed resolution of Queensland authorities to not provide the company with Resource Recovery Grant that is intended to assist development of Toowoomba tire recycling facility; according to him, this step may put the project at serious risk.

His comments come after the company filed an application for funding of $5 million to cover half of all costs needed to construct the facility. However, the move not to issue this grant means that Green Distillation Technologies will have to find funding elsewhere, or the company will have to conduct the project’s re-evaluation, according to Trevor Bayley. He also said that the people of Toowoomba may show their endorsement to the plant construction and take responsibility.

The recycling facility is intended to be built at the Wellcamp Business Park and it is expected to rely on Australian technology that can convert tires into oil, steel and carbon. If developed, it would have provided jobs to 14-18 people; moreover, it would have involved local contractors. It could also recycle some 700,000 scrap tires annually producing over 7 million litres of oil, over 9,000 tons of carbon and 3,800 tons of steel.

Press release by Waste Management World.