Despite all announcements about rising prices for new tires, French used tire collection and management company Aliapur exhibits stability and succeeds on the tire recycling arena.

According to a statement of the company, “eco-contribution” will remain the same for all tire categories. Thus, the levy remains to be EUR 1.25 for all passenger car tires which add up to some two thirds of the total annual volume of collection. Due to this decision, the levy will remain untouched and will be maintained at the level of the last two years. In fact, this means a persistent decline in contributions for over ten years. Aliapur reckons that this fact reflects the degree of efficiency of how tire recycling in France is structured.

Albeit, Aliapur is ready for further optimization: namely in some areas between collection in skips and manual collection, as well as alternative means to recycle end-of-life tires.

Article by ERJ.