Just recently, at the end of 2021, GENAN Ovar – a tire recycling company based in Portugal – received the 2021 Environment Award (Premio Ambiente 2021) for modernizing, improving, and contributing to development of tire recycling industry in Portugal. Eduardo Gaspar, director of Automotive, presented the award to Rui Fernandes, plant manager of GENAN Ovar.

GENAN Ovar vence Prémio Ambiente 2021. | Video by Automotive Revista.

The Fleet&Service Automobile Awards are given out based on the magazine's internal criteria as well as the input of various market experts/stakeholders throughout 2021, making it a significant milestone in the professional automotive sector in Portugal since 2017.

The award is intended to honor organizations, entities, goods, services, and experts who excel in the areas of fleet, after-sales, and heavy duty.

Original article by Automotive Revista.