9 News Perth reports that a tyre recycling factory in Perth has been destroyed by fire, with firefighters battling flames as high as 20 metres to extinguish the blaze. The incident happened on December 4, 2020. The Elan tyre recycling facility in Welshpool caught ablaze sometime before 3.30am today, with the fire quickly finding a 1000L fuel tank inside the building.

An explosive blaze destroyed tyre recycling factory in Welshpool | Video by 9 News Perth.

According to 9 News, the cause of the blaze is currently unknown, as no employees were inside and no machinery was operating.

The news channel says it took more than 12 hours for the worst of blaze to be extinguished, with thick black smoke causing authorities to shut down nearby roads and businesses over toxicity fears.

To learn more about the fire and the current state of the tire recycling plant, please proceed to 9 News Perth.

Original article by 9 News Perth.