Tire Stewardship BC highlights that when it comes to commercial hauling operations, the two greatest expenses are fuel and tires. The medium trucks used for most major trucking fleets, such as waste management trucks, postal service vehicles, and public transportation, go through tires quickly, and the cost to replace those tires with new ones can be substantial.

Back in 2022, Tire Stewardship BC visited Kal Tire's Tire Retread Plant for a behind-the-scenes look at the tire retreading process, and shared some surprising benefits of using retread tires over new ones.

In its article, Tire Stewardship BC highlights several important aspects of retreading. Among them are the following points:

  • Retread tires are far less expensive than new tires
  • Retreading tires is more environmentally friendly
  • Retread tires are road safe
  • Retread tires last as long as new tires

To learn more about how retreading works, read the full article of Tire Stewardship BC.