Tire Technology Virtual Live recently announced two weeks of technical presentations and discussions covering the future of tire design and manufacturing. Some of the topics of the virtual conference are also devoted to sustainability and end-of-life tire recycling.

To register or check out the agenda in detail, please proceed to the website of Tire Technology Virtual Live.

Week 1 of the event highlights Tire Science, Research, Materials and Formulations. The live presentations take place on June 7-11, 2021.

Week 2 of the Tire Technology Virtual Live highlights Tire Manufacturing and Production during 4 days, on June 15-18, 2021.

Some of the presentations in the first week of the event’s agenda which include end-of-life tire recycling and pyrolysis are held on June 11. The topics are listed below:

Sustainable, Recycled Materials and Pyrolysis (June 11, starting from 10:00 CET)

  • Sustainable materials, another step including a holistic approach towards the Michelin all sustainable strategy

    by Dr Cyrille Roget,Scientific and innovation communication director,Michelin

  • Sustainability and recycling in the tire industry

    by Guido Veit Vice, president for projects, Zeppelin Systems GmbH

  • Sustainability certification for synthetic and natural rubber

    by Jan Henke, Director, International Sustainability and CarbonCertification (ISCC) / Meo Carbon Solutions

  • Recycling tires back into tires using high-quality eco-responsible materials

    by Nicolas Schüwer, R&D manager, Tyre Recycling Solutions

  • Sustainable tires with vegetative oils

    by Arup Saha Deuri, Head of R&D, Balkrishna Industries Ltd (BKT)

  • Sustainability in rubber products and carbon black’s role in it

    by Aatif Misbah,Vice president, global marketing and strategy, Cabot Corporation

  • The use of vegetable oils in tires for unique performance properties

    by Selim Erhan, Director of business development, Process Oils Inc

  • Followed by a Live Q&A and Panel Discussion

Sustainable, Recycled Materials and Pyrolysis (continued, June 11, 14:00 CET)

  • Collective progress toward sustainable natural rubber

    by Stefano Savi, Director, GPSNR

  • Global update on tire recycling and tire pyrolysis

    by Martin von Wolfersdorff, Principal advisor, Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin

  • New insights into tire recycling using micro x-ray fluorescence analysis

    by Stefan Frosch, Laboratory engineer, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

  • Strengthening tire and rubber manufacturing sustainability with bio-based oils

    by Andrey Bodrov, Market development manager, Orgkhim BCH Management Company, JSC

  • Effects of process parameters on pyrolytic products recovered from scrap tires

    by Balan Ramani, PhD researcher, University of Twente

  • Recovered carbon black: material characteristics and in-rubber performance

    by Arqam Anjum, PhD student, University of Twente

  • Followed by a Live Q&A and Panel Discussion

Coming up in Week 2: Tire Manufacturing and Production

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

  1. 10:00 CET: Technical and Efficiency Developments in Tire Building, Mixing and Curing
  2. 14:00 CET: Tire Building and Tire Building Component Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

  1. 10:00 CET: IoT, Digitization and Industry 4.0
  2. 14:00 CET: Intelligent Factories, Digitization & Automation

Thursday, June 17, 2021

  1. 10:00 CET: Advanced Extrusion Technologies
  2. 14:00 CET: Smart Factories, Digitization and RFID

Friday, June 18, 2021

  1. 10:00 CET: Big data, AI and Future Smart Technologies, including RFID
  2. 14:00 CET: Workshop: Rockwell Automation

To register or check out the agenda in detail, please proceed to the website of Tire Technology Virtual Live.