More than 3.3 million used tires the Ecuadorian Comprehensive Management System for Used Tires (Seginus) has managed to recycle since its creation in 2018. These tires were given a second use and have been used for granulating processes by 52%, in pyrolysis with 24%, cogeneration of energy with 23% and in the production of handicrafts with 1%.

Seginus states that it has covered the entire national territory, including the Galapagos. In addition, there are cities where it has deepened environmental commitments. Seginus has signed agreements with more than 40 municipalities, including Santa Cruz, El Carmen, Samborondón, Ibarra, Santo Domingo, Montecristi, Playas, Durán, Huaquillas, among others.

Seginus has 5 treatment plants nationwide, generating more than 500 jobs directly and indirectly, and has promoted investment in new projects for the processing and use of tires, which represent more than three million dollars in investment.

“One of the principles by which Seginus was formed is to seek that this tire use process be increasingly diversified, so that it can provide us with sustainability in the management and valuation of this type of tires in the long term. In Ecuador, around 4 million tires are consumed, which leads us to seek new ways of using tires. I believe that we can be the example for Latin America and the world of how a small country can generate a management model, a system of exploitation and valuation”, indicates Jacinto Monserrate, executive director of Seginus.

Additionally, the corporation is promoting, together with various national universities, the award for sustainable innovation aimed at entrepreneurs, research centers, national or foreign researchers and companies that study new ways of taking advantage of and valuing used tires. Seginuis recently won in the Best Business Innovation category at the Recircle Awards.

Top 10 provinces where the most used tires were collected for recycling in 2021 in Ecuador:

  1. Guayas, with 21%
  2. Pichincha, with 20%
  3. Azuay, with 10%
  4. Store, with 10%
  5. Manabi, with 5%
  6. Gold, with 5%
  7. Cotopaxi, with 5%
  8. Chimborazo, with 5%
  9. Tungurahua, with 4%
  10. Los Ríos, with 4%

To find out more, please visit Seginus website.