The Tyre Recovery Association – the British end-of-life tyre management authority – reports that it is calling the Environment Agency for increased vigilance over operators who use the current relaxation of stockpile permitting rules to increase the storage of end-of-life tyres beyond levels of their financial resources needed for responsible recycling. “Operators face multiple challenges at this present difficult moment,” says TRA Secretary General, Peter Taylor OBE.

“With little income just now, businesses still have overheads to meet while recycling gate prices are very much higher than at this time even a year ago. Furthermore, cash flows are under pressure like never before. The temptations are obvious and some will undoubtedly be driven to take in the nations old tyres at prices well below what are now necessary to move them properly through our recycling infrastructure. I suspect that many are being driven more by hope than expectations and faced with this financial reality will simply ‘dump and run’ leaving property owners and the public purse with yet again an ugly and very expensive problem. We must not allow this to happen. We can all play our part,” continues Taylor, “the Environment Agency and our other regulators must continue to offer help to operators but at the same time apply the test of realism in their role as enforcers.”

“What comes in can only go out if input and output cost realities match up. We, ourselves, in the tyre industry must also apply the realism test. A price too tempting is one which in all probability is also one which compromises our legal Duty of Care,” TRA reports.

Article by Tyre Recovery Association.