Tyre Recycling Solutions SA (TRS) reports that a new project initiated by the Works Department of the city of Prilly (Switzerland) was carried out using TyreXolTM MMA – an activated recycled rubber powder with exceptional versatility – in the base and bearing layer. The asphalt was manufactured by the Famobit power plant (Bussigny) and installed by the Frutiger company.

This project demonstrates the growing interest of municipalities such as the city of Prilly in high-performance circular materials. This interest has been recognized by the company PRODO, which has just signed a distribution agreement with TRS covering the entire Swiss market: PRODO's mission is to offer its customers the most efficient and suitable products currently in the road sector. TyreXol™ MMA fits perfectly into this perspective.

About TRS

Tyre Recycling Solutions SA (TRS) is a limited company established in 2013 in Switzerland. TRS builds global solutions for the collection, processing and recycling of scrap tires through the development and implementation of innovative technologies and business processes.

The TRS technology toolbox utilizes a unique water-jet milling process which can produce high performance powder for use as raw materials in a variety of industrial rubber products and high value applications and compounds. TRS derives its revenue from equipment sales, licenses and sale of high-performance rubber powder under its globally trademarked brand name TyreXolTM.