The Tyre Stewardship Australia will sponsor over 30 new research, market expansion and practical end use initiatives for recycled tires as more than $4.9 million have been committed by the organization’s fund. The funding will be provided with the aim to find useful application for as many waste tires as possible in the country.

Numerous industries are expected to work in association with the Tyre Stewardship Fund and benefit from the projects that will create tire-derived products. The largest stakeholder is a road industry: over 30,000 tons of tires will be used within the sector. Other industries include civil infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, rail sector and building construction.

The Tyre Stewardship Fund was launched in 2015. Since then, 14 programs have been completed. In total, the Fund provided over $1.6 million earlier. The expansion of the funding comes after the guidelines attached to the ACCC reauthorisation of the Scheme were revised, and, as a result, a new Demonstration and Infrastructure stream in addition to the Research and Development and Scholarship streams have been introduced.

There are range of projects, with various industries, that are working to develop opportunity for TDP consumption:

  • Roads: $2.26M committed to 13 projects, with the annual potential of 30,000+ tonnes;
  • Civil Infrastructure: $830,000 committed to 4 projects, with annual potential of 31,680 tonnes;
  • Advanced Manufacturing: $315,000 committed to 4 research projects;
  • Rail: $150,000 committed to 1 project, with a concentrated focus for further future market opportunity in this sector;
  • Building Construction: $82,470 committed to 1 project.

Article by TSA.