Tire producers, importers and consumers in Turkey will now have to face extra financial obligations and pay recycling contribution fee after new amendments to the environmental legislation number 2872, which were published at the end of 2018 by the authorities; the law also considers such environment-threatening products as plastic, batteries and plant oil.

The new fees will be imposed in addition to already existing ones, however, the establishment created a list of companies that will be subject to deposit-refund systems and will not have to pay the extra sum.

The Amending Law named certain products, manufacturers and importers which will have to cover the cost of the fee to enter the market. Moreover, once the product is supplied, they will have to notify about the amount they spent on the fee each month before the 15th day. After that, they sign and submit a special declaration.

In addition, the new legislation will introduce an obligatory deposit refund system that will start functioning in the beginning of 2021. The legislation also indicates that the parties will face fines if they fail to comply with the law. To see the full list of products that will face an obligatory recycling fee, visit Modaq

Press release by Mondaq.