A Turkish company Hatko reports about its innovative sound barriers made from recycled tire rubber that allow local communities in Turkey to reach a higher-quality living standards. Hatko’s sound barriers made from tire-derived crumb rubber decrease traffic noise, even at its maximum levels, in residential areas near highways with high vehicle traffic, or near intercity railways and tram routes, double roads, etc. This enables to increase the life quality of life for residents in the vicinity of such routes, providing calm and peaceful atmosphere for living.

Hatko asserts that its products demonstrate superior performance characteristics, providing high noise resistance in all weather conditions, being environment-friendly, suitable for recycling and being resistant to severe climate, precipitation and wind.

The company provides 10-year-warranty for its sound barriers and notes that noise reduction level reaches up to 20 dB. Moreover, Hatko notes that the barriers are easy to install and do not require maintenance.

Furthermore, speaking about advantages of its products, Hatko notes that the design of their noise barriers goes in line with aesthetic views and barriers are safe for animals. Also, the products are reinforced with a rigid backbone for extra stability, made resistant to abrasion and, most importantly, delivered from flammability features of rubber.

Currently, Hatko sells the noise barriers in Turkey and abroad and has obtained a variety of certificates for its merchandise, such as EN 14388, EN 1793, EN 1794, EN 14389, EN 16272 and TUV quality certifications. Apart from noise barriers, the company manufactures many more molded products from recycled tire rubber.

About Hatko’s Background

Founded in 1985, Hatko has been active in construction industry, synthetic turf manufacturing, livestock and highways sectors. According to Hatko, the company has been exporting its merchandize to all continents of the world and its current customers reside in 79 countries. A candidate of the Guinness Records, Hatko is one of FIFA’s 30 licensors as well as the first Turkish member of the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC). A large family with over 200 employees, Hatko Group of Companies has branches and manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, Ankara, İskenderun, İzmir, Antalya and Osmaniye.

To learn more about the company and its products’ features, please visit Hatko’s website.