The last issue of Tyre Asia published in December/January featured the second part of Robert Weibold’s interview on tyre recycling. Earlier, Tyre Asia interviewed Robert Weibold on the state of the tyre recycling industry. As the problem of waste tyre accumulation and disposal around the world gets acute, Robert shared his view on how to sustainably tackle the problem.

“In the second and concluding part of the interview, Robert Weibold, founder and head of the Vienna-based consulting company Weibold, gives his perspective of the global tyre recycling scenario.”, writes Tyre Asia.


Robert Weibold, tire recycling & pyrolysis consulting expert, featured in the article of Tyre Asia | Photo of the magazine by Tyre Asia.

The motto of Robert Weibold’s interview is that recycling tyres and utilizing tyre-derived rubber in industrial applications and consumer goods eventually creates jobs and stimulates economic growth. Therefore, governments should not be afraid of launching tyre collection programs and investing in development of tyre recycling industry.

The second part of Tyre Asia’s interview with Robert Weibold touched topics such as:

  • How big is the global tyre recycling market;
  • Innovative solutions in tyre recycling;
  • What are the challenges of tyre recycling that investors might face, particularly in the fastest growing economies of India and China;
  • What are the products from tyre recycling plants that have great commercial potential.

Earlier in the previous part of the interview, Robert Weibold elaborated on advances and innovations happening to the tyre processing technologies today. Before listing all advances, he stressed that tyre recycling is a capital-intensive business, and equipment manufacturers stay on top of their game, if their machinery has high throughput capacities, high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.

The interview, which consists of two parts, highlights five topics on tyre recycling. We are welcoming you to read the first and the second parts of the interview and purchase both October/November and December/January issues of Tyre Asia!

Article by Enviro.