This years’ Tyre Recovery Association's (TRA) Briefing Day will be on Tuesday 24th September 2024 again at the Woodland Grange Hotel and Conference Centre, Leamington Spa.

Focussing on the next big challenge facing the UK tyre industry, Mandatory Waste Tracking, the conference programme to be announced shortly will seek to inform and prepare for what is just around the corner.

Waste Tracking will impact right across our sector but no more so than on all those who handle, collect, re-tread and process the nation’s 600 plus Kt of annual arisings.

Reservations for this year’s event are already open but limited, so reserve your place now.

To register, contact the TRA Office:

Tyre Recovery Association
PO Box 13379
Essex CM12 2GY
T: +44(0)7932702173

Participation is free for TRA members, media representatives and the industry regulators. A charge of £60.00 plus VAT per person will apply to all other participants. A buffet lunch and refreshments are included.

To find out more, proceed to TRA's website.