The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) has issued a warning to vehicle dismantlers and tire retailers in the UK that recovery costs may significantly go up, and even double in the nearest time. The changes may take place within weeks. The price increase is likely to target European states and South East Asian countries.

The increase of costs can be influenced by steps taken by environmental authorities in India – they have been introducing more strict laws aimed at end-of-life tire recycling and other waste recovery practices that take place in unsanctioned premises. The issue went hot last year, when India and Malaysia saw malicious practices of unsanctioned tire pyrolysis which led to significant air pollution and even poisoning of local residents (read more here).

TRA Secretary General Peter Taylor OBE commented on the move saying the world has been facing ‘trade imbalance’ as scrap tire exports’ pricing was relatively low. However, new regulations may change this situation and the cost of tire recycling will revert ‘to economically realistic levels’.

Article by TRA.