Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) reports that an innovative spray-on concrete made from used tyres that can protect buildings against blast, ballistics, impact and fire has been short-listed for Australia’s most prestigious manufacturing awards.

TSA supports Flexiroc Australia Pty Ltd in its research and development of this ground-breaking product, Protectiflex. Flexiroc managing director Gary Bullock says Protectiflex is a game changer: a one-stop solution that can be sprayed on buildings and structures to strengthen and protect them – and the people within them – from explosions, weapons and ballistics attacks, forced entry and fire.

TSA Protectiflex Promo | Video by Tyre Stewardship Australia.

“When subjected to extreme blasts, ballistics and impact, conventional concrete masonry materials can create deadly shrapnel,” says Bullock. “We saw a need to create an innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective concrete-like material to meet security and safety design.” Protectiflex is a finalist in the Environmental Solution of the Year Award category of the 17th annual Endeavour Awards, celebrating innovation and success from a range of Australian manufacturing companies. The Environmental Solution of the Year Award recognises companies based on how their development, technology or initiative has made a positive impact to environmental sustainability in manufacturing.

TSA Chief Executive Lina Goodman says: “It is the role of TSA to work with organisations like Flexiroc and products like Protectiflex to see more rubber crumb being used in alternate markets. “To be nominated as a finalist is such an honour and the innovation behind this product is incredible. Imagine using used tyres within walls of buildings to protect the structure and help save lives.”

Article by Tyre Stewardship Australia.