Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) has commissioned a report to assist tyre reprocessors, remanufacturers and end-users to better understand their carbon emissions and targets.

Along with government initiatives, rising consumer and investor awareness of climate change is increasing demand for corporate and industry action.

Using tyre-derived products or tyre-derived fuel may lower carbon emissions in certain applications when compared to fossil-fuel base alternatives, meaning some organisations within the tyre recovery sector could potentially claim their products create lower emissions when compared to conventional alternatives.

The report identifies opportunities for emissions savings for tyre-derived products compared to raw material alternatives, to support tyre recovery in Australia.

For more information on carbon issues for end-of-life tyres - click here to download the report - or contact Tolga Huseyin, Marketing Manager at Tyre Stewardship Australia via communications@tyrestewardship.org.au.

Press release by TSA.