Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) – the end-of-life tyre management authority in Australia reports that its 2019/20 Annual Report is now available for download.

The Annual Report showcases what TSA has achieved throughout the last financial year and its future vision moving forward on the path of efficient conversion of end-of-life tyre material to valuable consumer and industrial products.

The report strengthens TSA’s revitalised brand and communicates its values and goals. Importantly, the report provides transparency and accountability to TSA’s broad range of stakeholders by acknowledging achievements, but not shying away from the challenges the organisation faces today – and tomorrow.

The report highlights strengths, including nearly $6 million invested into Market Development projects and initiatives and the continued focus on the verification of foreign end markets. For 2019/20 Annual Report click here.

2019/20 Annual Report

To download the report in PDF format, please press here.