Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) – an end-of-life tyre management authority who facilitates and promotes tyre recycling in the country – released its 2021/22 Annual Report.

The Annual Report showcases what TSA has achieved together with, and for, the tyre value chain, with a focus on an ever-evolving circular economy.

TSA says its mission remains unchanged: to support to the best of its ability the sustainable growth and profitability of local recycling through important initiatives such as Market Development Fund and ground-breaking initiatives such as the Foreign End Market Verification program. TSA's team says they are heartened by the organization's achievements, including over $8 million committed to market development projects and a continued focus on increasing recovery rates in the off-the-road tyre sector.

“I am proud of the focused, passionate, and innovative team we have established. I thank the Board and all contributors to the Scheme for their unwavering support throughout these challenging times.

“I promise we will not rest in our search for world-class recovery rates for every tyre in every Australian location, no matter how challenging or remote,” says TSA CEO Lina Goodman.

Read the 2021/22 Annual Report below:

Annual Report 2021/22 by TSA.