Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) welcomes Prime Minister Albanese's commitment to incentivize environmentally and economically beneficial manufacturing, aligning with efforts to achieve net zero emissions and a circular economy.

TSA CEO Lina Goodman underscores the potential of tyre waste as a catalyst for new manufacturing industries, offering reduced landfill waste and job creation opportunities. She emphasizes the importance of the "future made in Australia" policy, as advocated by Prime Minister Albanese, which aims to capitalize on local resources and foster job growth.

Despite recent declines in tyre recovery rates, TSA sees an opportunity for Australia to leverage recycled tyre materials, particularly in advanced manufacturing. The policy announcement boosts confidence for domestic and global markets, encouraging innovation and investment in tyre recycling technologies.

TSA pledges support for manufacturers to access recycled tyre materials and develop innovative products, driving progress towards a circular economy.

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