Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) reports that it will no longer be accepting applications from new entities seeking accreditation for the baling of whole end-of-life tyres for export. According to the statement, TSA makes this decision in light of the recent announcement made by the Council of Australian Government (COAG) to ban the export of whole baled tyres.

TSA highlights that this action is intended to assist current accredited organisations transition from baling whole tyres for export to other processing methodologies.

Entities with applications pending will be communicated by TSA Management. Where applications have already progressed to accreditation audit, these will be considered on a case by case basis and final approval will be subject to conditions, including evidence of transition plan to move away from baling for export.

Existing TSA accredited entities who will be required to transition have commenced considering their options and TSA is offering nation-wide support for impacted entities to work on a road-map leading up to the export ban, this can include supporting the liaison with relevant local and state Government departments on licenses, applications and approvals requirements.

Furthermore, TSA says that if there is any specific assistance TSA can offer in relation to the emerging international events such as assistance with communicating and establishing discussions with state Government departments on tyre storage and other related matters we can provide assistance.

TSA will also host round table discussions in each state once it has been deemed to be safer to travel on commercial airlines. Australian companies willing to participate in the round table discussions or request support from TSA third party support team are welcome to get in touch with the Stewardships via email getonboard@tyrestewardship.org.au.

Operators in Victoria should contact EPA Victoria regarding emergency approvals for discharge or storage of waste in certain circumstances.

Article by Tyre Stewardship Australia.