Sussan Ley, the Federal Minister for the Environment, has unveiled a new $10 million state-of-the-art tire recycling plant in Western Sydney's Erskine Park. The plant, according to Tyrecycle CEO Jim Fairweather, will be able to treat the tens of thousands of tons of end-of-life tires that were previously shipped offshore, resulting in adverse environmental effects.

"It's a huge win for the environment and Australia's circular economy," Fairweather said, adding that "end-of-life tires will now be given a new lease on life."

The facility will recycle end-of-life tires into products such as tire-derived fuel and rubber crumb for use in roads, flooring tiles and sports surfaces. The factory is expected to produce 10,000 tons of rubber crumb and 40,000 tons of tire-derived fuel per year (TDF).

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"It represents a huge step forward in Australia's responsible tire waste management, resulting in positive environmental and economic results."

The Recycling Modernisation Fund provided a $1.5 million grant for phase 1 and another $2.9 million for phase 2 of the plant's construction as part of Australia's waste and recycling capacity transformation.

"States and territories are matching the Morrison government's $190 million promise, and business is backing it up with record spending," Minister Ley said.

"Australians are doing their part by recycling at home, but as a country, we need to offer more opportunities for recycled content and better processing methods."

Article by Sustainability Matters.