Tyrecycle reports the company is excited to be included in the NSW Environmental Trust’s latest round of grants as part of the rollout of the Australian Federal Government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund.

According to the recent social media statement, Tyrecycle has secured $2.9 million in funding for a $5.8 million expansion project at Erskine Park. This facility will provide the upgrade from 6 inch to 1.5 inch TDF, provide steel cleaning facilities, and introduce Off The Road (OTR) processing and debeading.

“In addition to creating new products and accessing more varied markets, we’ll now be able to redirect up to 3200 tonnes of waste OTR tyres per annum from on-site disposal, landfill, or overseas exports, and create crumbed product for use in road construction and various manufactured rubber-based products,” – Tyrecycle’s statement says.

Tyrecycle says it is pleased to be able to partner with the NSW and Federal Governments in delivering additional jobs, supporting greener supply chains, and progressing a circular economy.