Taking forward its commitment to sustainability, Indian tire manufacturer Apollo Tyres has partnered with Tyromer Inc, a leader in non-chemical devulcanization of end-of-life tires. Tyromer Inc, through their Indian associate, Tyromer India LLP, is committed to supplying recycled rubber material, produced using its environmentally sustainable processes, to Apollo Tyres.

Announcing the partnership with Tyromer, P K Mohamed, Chief Advisor, R&D, Apollo Tyres Ltd, said “This partnership with Tyromer is a step towards achieving our sustainability goals, and it also enables us to honour our Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Producing new tires using the sustainable raw materials, is currently, the most efficient path to meet our circular economy goals.”

Apollo Tyres and Tyromer share a deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This partnership has validated Tire Derived Polymer (TDP), produced by Tyromer’s proprietary and patented technology, as the raw material for tires. Commenting on the partnership, Dr Sam Visaisouk, CEO, Tyromer Inc, said “We are thankful to the Apollo Tyres’ team for its support of our vision of direct tire-to-tire recycling for achieving a tire circular economy. In the face of climate crisis, not using rubber derived from end-of-life tires is no longer an option.”

Tire Derived Polymer (TDP) trivia:

  • Using a tonne of TDP saves GHG emissions equivalent to 4 passenger vehicles driven for a year
  • Producing a tonne of TDP requires less than 2 MWh of energy, compared to over 20 MWh required for new material.

Press release by Apollo Tyres.