The municipality of Al-Kafour has issued a statement addressing the escalating issues related to a tire recycling facility situated on the outskirts of the town. The situation reached a critical point where public tolerance could no longer be sustained, leading to a recent public pressure that successfully compelled the closure of the Al-Khansa plant. The plant's operations had posed a severe threat to public safety, as they disregarded essential environmental and health standards. The facility's practice of burning tires and materials outdoors during the late hours of the night contributed to air pollution, with harmful residues spreading across Al-Kafour, Toul, and nearby villages.

Citing an environmental expert's report commissioned by the municipality, it was determined that the factory's activities were causing severe environmental harm through emissions. The municipality filed a lawsuit against the factory and its owner with the Environmental Public Prosecution, resulting in a judicial order to halt operations and impose substantial fines for violations. The municipality expressed gratitude for the community's support, the cooperation of legal authorities, security services, and the media in raising awareness about the issue and taking steps to mitigate the harm caused by the plant's activities.

Source: World Today News.