A British magazine Tyre and Rubber Recycling says the UK ELT exports to India still at its highest rates, despite the restrictive end-of-life tire exports policy recently imposed in the United Kingdom.

Figures obtained by Tyre and Rubber Recycling show that tyre exports to India from the UK remain as high as they ever were, if not higher, the magazine highlights.

Tyre and Rubber Recycling says Peter Taylor from the Tyre Recovery Association had argued that "the volume of tyres going to India had been reduced, perhaps to as low as 100,000 tons per annum." The balance of the exports was now going to alternate markets such as Turkey. Though Tyre and Rubber Recycling has heard anecdotal reports of higher volumes going to Pakistan.

In its recent article, the magazine provides its own investigation of the issue, supplemented with links and a lot of useful information. To read the full article, please proceed to Tyre and Rubber Recycling.