The UK government's stance on crumb rubber in sports pitches has come under scrutiny following the European Commission's ban on microplastics, which encompasses crumb rubber. Initially, the UK government stated no plans to ban crumb rubber but has since initiated consultations on intentionally added microplastics.

Professor Andrew Watterson from the University of Stirling has called for a ban on toxic 3G crumb rubber pitches in Scotland due to identified health hazards. His report urges immediate action to cease funding for crumb rubber infills in new pitches and explore alternative infill options and natural grass pitch development.

The broader context of the UK's tyre recycling industry is also highlighted, with concerns over uncontrolled exports undermining confidence in domestic recycling. The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) warns of overcapacity in tyre shredding facilities, emphasizing the need for government support to sustain the industry and avoid reliance on third-party recycling.

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