In its press release from July 12, 2021, Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) – the British end-of-life tire management authority – reports that a number of factors have pushed up the cost of end-of-life tire collection over the past two years but what the industry tends to overlook is the seemingly relentless increase in the average weight of our passenger car tires.

TRA says that “the trend to ultra-low profile (ULP) tires coupled with the popularity of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) with larger diameter tires has had a real impact on recycling volumes as new data from Astutus Research reveals. Recent analysis by Astutus reveals that the average weight of a car tire is now 7% more that it was just five years ago.”

TRA says that its members at the collections end of the tire recycling business this increase is significant.

“It is yet another reason why processing costs have risen for although we charge by unit for the old tires we collect, our processing costs are of course calculated in tons.”

Press release by Tyre Recovery Association.