Crude oil prices are testing sub-$20 territory. This puts immense pressures on micro batch tire pyrolysis operators who depend on fuel oil sales as their main source of revenue. Experts at Weibold have engineered a cost effective upgrade program for batch reactors that will:

  • convert your reactor to continuous processing
  • add heat cycles to improve output and separation
  • allow you to keep processing the same feedstock
  • increase capacity 3 - 4 fold
  • reduce energy costs

If, for example, you currently process 6 metric tons of tires per day (resulting in 2.2 to 2.5 tons of fuel) and are forced to sell it at USD 200 / ton, the upgrade will allow you to increase your fuel oil output to approximately 8 tons / day, increasing your revenue to USD 1,600 / day at the same operational cost.

For an investment of USD 80,000 to 120,000, the upgrade can be performed by your on-site personnel under supervision of engineers assigned by Weibold.

The investment may be a life saver now but will also sustain much improved margins if and when oil prices go back to normal levels.

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