U.S. tire producers have attained considerable success in sustainability promotion as over 80 percent scrap tires that had been generated in the state, managed to find application on end markets in 2017, the U.S Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) asserted in its detailed report.

The new report also revealed that USTMA’s members managed to reduce almost 10 percent the level of carbon dioxide emissions since 2010. Moreover, the number of workers who got injuries and fell ill declined 50 percent since 2005. Another achievement is that the prevailing majority (almost 90 percent) of businesses that are part of USTMA received licenses under ISO 14001 – the global system that controls industrial plants’ impact on the environment. The report also highlighted that all companies that form USTMA were engaged in charity projects.

USTMA has not overlooked what tech innovations have been recently presented at the tire sector and what benefits they have. It laid emphasis on creation of self-inflating tires, various equipment like chips and censors that enabled secure tire control. It also mentioned various researches that are still ongoing, including studies into guayule, soybean oil and rubber dandelions.

Commenting on sustainability and what it means for USTMA, the association’s CEO Anne Forristall Luke said that it was a driver and a key principle used by the organization’s member-businesses. She added that they were still searching for the ways how sustainability could be further advanced and how the products could expand its benefits for the societies.

Article by USTMA.