A leading tire recycling company is offering for sale two fully operational tire recycling lines located in Sweden. The plant which has been in operation for 11 years, features perfectly maintained equipment manufactured by MTB, France.

Serious buyers are invited to visit the plant and witness its operational capabilities firsthand.

The plant is designed to recycle whole car and truck tires.

Input capacity: 2 x 3 tons/hour
Dimensions (in meters): 67 x 23 x 10

Equipment Photos

Process Description

The production line is composed of two parallel lines (line A and line B) and a joint end line (line C). The process on line A is the same as on line B. The capacity of the entire line A+B+C is 6 tons/hour input. The operator can optionally run the complete line A+B+C or half line A+C or other half line B+C.

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