A used primary shredder Hammel VB 750 D 110/361 is available for sale in Kuwait.

Primary shredders manufactured by Hammel are intended for multi-purpose recycling. They are suitable not only for scrap tires, but also for waste wood, demolition wood, root stems, green waste, railway sleeper, pallets, cable drums, household waste, aluminium profiles and bales, paper, paper rolls and other materials. To see detailed specifications declared by the manufacturer, please check Hammel’s website.


Shredder's Condition

According to the owner, the shredder was manufactured in 2004 and was used by the operator in Kuwait exclusively for tire recycling. The shredder has passed engine inspection and has engine oil changed. Filters, diesel cable tank and all batteries are also replaced. In addition, the shredder received brand new bearings. After gearbox oil was changed, no leak has been detected.

As regards to shafts and side combs, some welding activities were carried out locally by a special team of technicians, using welding wires recommended by Hammel and sourced from Europe.

The shredder’s electric system also experienced some modifications, namely new relays and an alternator were purchased from Caterpillar and new main control unit was replaced and purchased from Hammel.

Price, Terms & Conditions

The shredder is on sale for USD 156,500. Payment should be 100%, LC approved by a Kuwait Bank. The seller delivers the shredder to port and on board, whereas shipping insurance should be covered by the buyer. After-sales service is not provided.

To inquire more information about the shredder, please write us at sales@weibold.com or call +43 1 997 10 50!

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