Italian bicycle tyres manufacturer Vittoria, known for its graphene-enhanced bicycle tires, and Haydale, the global advanced materials group, have started collaborating for innovation and supply of graphene.

Vittoria has since 2015 pioneered the application of graphene in the rubber of bicycle tyres. The nanomaterial has proven to create substantial improvements in grip, rolling resistance, puncture resistance and durability. As a result, Vittoria’s tyres are the preferred choice of professionals and cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Haydale has over the past 10 years amassed profound know-how and advanced capabilities to produce and functionalize graphene and other nanomaterials for various industries and applications.

As a first step in their collaboration, Vittoria and Haydale have co-developed improved rubber compounds, applying the joined know-how in functionalization and mixing of the graphene. Laboratory and field tests have proved that these compounds further improve the tyre performances.

Supply of the newly developed graphene has already started, with a first order from Vittoria to Haydale of 1 ton of functionalised graphene to be delivered in the coming months. Using its new high-capacity HT1400 plasma reactor, Haydale is able to meet Vittoria’s production requirements and stringent quality standards.

For the mid-term future, Vittoria and Haydale have agreed to investigate the possibility to start production of functionalized graphene directly in Thailand, near the Vittoria Group factories. For this purpose, a Letter of Intent has been signed between Haydale and Vittoria’s co-owned Thai nanotech subsidiary, Graphene Creations Limited (“Graphene Creations”).

To find out more, please visit Vittoria’s website.