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Holistic Approach to the Recycling of End-of-Life Tires

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This webinar is aimed at companies that want to know the different possibilities that materials from end-of-life tires can offer in terms of new applications and technologies to develop those new products or materials.


  • To show all the possibilities in terms of technology in the recycling of ELT
  • To introduce and distinguish between mechanical and chemical recycling
  • To demonstrate the possibilities of the extracted raw materials from ELT
  • Possible new products from those “new raw materials”.

Target Audience

  • Recyclers that are looking for new streams of raw materials.
  • R&D department companies that want to check new possibilities in the field of ELT
  • Investors evaluating an tire recycling investment opportunity
  • Researchers or consultants from other fields wishing to add know-how to their portfolio
  • Regulators and association administrators getting introduced to new technologies


AIMPLAS is a technology centre with 30 years of experience in the plastics industry. AIMPLAS provides solutions to companies throughout the value chain, from raw material manufacturers to plastic processors and end users.

The company’s mission is twofold:

  • Adding value to companies so that they can create wealth and provide employment.
  • Solving challenges related to the use of plastic in today’s society in order to improve people’s quality of life and ensure environmental sustainability.

AIMPLAS currently has:

  • Over 10,500 m2 of facilities with cutting-edge technology.
  • Over 30 pilot plants available to test all plastic processing applications, including thermoplastic, thermoset and composite processing.
  • Laboratories with the highest number of accreditations for plastics according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

To learn more about the company's activities, please proceed to the company's website.


Nora Lardiés Miazza

Nora Lardiés Miazza

Chemical Recycling Group at Aimplas

Dr. Nora Lardiés Miazza has a PhD in Chemistry by the Universidad de Zaragoza, working in AIMPLAS as researcher since 2009. She has wide experience in technical assistance, evaluation and processing technologies of composite materials: optimization of techniques, development of new materials, improvement of properties.

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Dr. Lardiés was coordinator of projects like the FP7 European project COALINE (regarding pultrusion process), FOAM2FOAM (regarding circular economy of polyurethane foams through chemical recycling) and EROS (Circular economy in composites: from wind and aeronautic sector to ceramic industry and transport). Before joining AIMPLAS, she worked at the Institute for Molecular Science, where she was also involved in EU projects: synthesis of new polymers with magnetic properties.

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Luis Roca Blay

Luis Roca Blay

Mechanical Recycling Group Leader at Aimplas

Luis Roca Blay holds a chemical degree by the university of Valencia (1997). Working in AIMPLAS (the plastic technology centre in Valencia/Spain) since 2000, first in injection moulding and extrusion and few years later starting the compounding department of which became Head since 2009 to 2019. Since 2020 leads the group of mechanical recycling. The main role at AIMPLAS was developing R&D projects and technical consulting with companies at national and international level in topics like: Polymer stabilization, Nanomaterials, flame retardancy, bioplastics, electrical/thermal conductivity or recycling among others and training related with compounding, recycling and plastic additivation.

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