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Introduction to Molded Recycled Rubber Products Manufacturing

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Course Content

This webinar is designed for project initiators, entrepreneurs, tire recyclers or anyone who is contemplating establishing a tire recycling related business, new molded goods projects or diversify their tire recycling business by integrating value-adding processes. On an introductory level, it sheds light on recycled rubber molding technology from theoretical and practical as well as business standpoints.


After participating in the introductory webinar, participants will:

  • be introduced to the concepts, materials, and physics involved in manufacturing recycled rubber molded products
  • have a high-level understanding of the business of operating a plant
  • possess a basic understanding of molded products and their applications
  • be aware of the challenges of creating and marketing recycled rubber molded products
  • be familiar with rubber molding terminology as well as product standards and specifications
  • understand relevant technologies and their advantages and disadvantages
  • be sensitized to the critical factors affecting the success of a planned plant
  • have a recommended path for methodical planning from concept to operations
  • be informed about possible business models
  • know which regulatory aspects to consider
  • be aware of the pitfalls when designing and operating molded good lines and plants
  • get ideas for innovative products

Target Audience

This course will be most useful to:

  • Managers who want to learn the technology, terminology and business of recycled rubber molding
  • Operators of recycling plants contemplating expanding into new markets
  • Investors evaluating a tire recycling-related investment opportunity
  • New hires in management, sales and administration of a tire recycling and recycled rubber molding plant
  • Researchers or consultants from other fields wishing to add know-how to their portfolio
  • Regulators and association administrators getting introduced to new technologies


Younes Taheri

Younes Taheri

Key Account Manager

Younes Taheri obtained a MSc of Finance and Management from Cranfield University (UK) in 2014 and joined several business development roles with a pool of Moroccan companies and a 7 digits turnover Swedish firm specialized in rubber sealing solutions.

In 2017, Younes joined Weibold to support market researches, feasibility studies, technology evaluations and diverse consultancy studies, unlocking industry insights to produce business analysis and investment recommendations to tire recycling and downstream project initiators and stakeholders.

Younes has supported 20+ projects worldwide in making tire recycling related decisions.

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