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Introduction to Tire Pyrolysis and Latest Trends

Online Webinar

  • Date: July 29, 2020
  • Time: 9:00 CET  &  16:00 CET
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: EUR 100.00
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Course Content

This webinar is designed for project initiators and entrepreneurs or anyone who is contemplating a new pyrolysis project. On an introductory level, it sheds light on pyrolysis technology both from theoretical and practical as well as business standpoints.


After participating in the introductory webinar, participants will:

  • be introduced to the concepts, chemistry, and physics of pyrolysis
  • have a high level understanding of the business of operating a plant
  • possess a basic understanding of the pyrolysis output products and their applications
  • be aware of the challenges of creating and marketing pyrolysis products
  • be familiar with pyrolysis terminology as well as product standards and specifications
  • understand relevant technologies and their advantages and disadvantages
  • be sensitized to the critical factors affecting the success of a planned plant
  • be able to size their projects based on CAPEX, OPEX and KPIs
  • have a recommended path for methodical planning from concept to operations
  • know which regulatory aspects to consider
  • be aware of the pitfalls when designing and operating pyrolysis plants
  • have reference material on the science, international standards and terminology of pyrolysis

Target Audience

This course will be most useful to:

  • Managers who want to learn the technology, terminology and business of pyrolysis
  • Operators of recycling plants contemplating expansion into new markets
  • Investors evaluating a pyrolysis investment opportunity
  • New hires in management, sales and administration of a pyrolysis plant
  • Researchers or consultants from other fields wishing to add know-how to their portfolio
  • Regulators and association administrators getting introduced to new technologies


Andreas Kyriakos

Andreas Kyriakos

Senior Partner at Weibold

A senior consultant at Weibold, Mr. Kyriakos supports associations, investors and start-ups in tire recycling projects. With emphasis on pyrolysis projects in recent years, his work includes big data analysis, LCAs and circularity reports, as well as feasibility studies, technology evaluations and business modeling.

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With an engineering background, Mr. Kyriakos has focussed his last 25 years on structuring, financing and marketing young enterprises from formation through exit in recycling, renewable energy, oil exploration, communications, and other industry branches, both as a consultant and as a co-founder and shareholder.

With a degree in Electronics Engineering, Mr. Kyriakos gained all-round business, finance, and operations experience during the first 20 years of his career as engineer, product manager, and international biz development manager as well as founder and fund-raiser for California Silicon Valley start-ups with disruptive technologies. His entrepreneurial experience spans all start-up phases - from formation, fund-raising, first operation, market expansion, and ultimately IPO or company exit - and operations on four continents.

Mr. Kyriakos is impassioned by a belief that protection of our environment and our resources can only be achieved through bold international efforts - coupled with economically viable technical innovation on a local level. His approach encompasses scientific, theoretical, as well as practical, operational, and financial aspects. He is striving to contribute to the process in incremental steps by applying his first hand experience to support innovative enterprises in striking a balance between technological, economic, market, and regulatory challenges, all the while helping governmental organizations identify bottle necks, impasses, and opportunities for win-win regulatory actions affecting the value chain.

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