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Making Lives Easier for Tire Recyclers – the Secret Behind ELDAN’s Success

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This webinar will present all the components that make up a turnkey tire recycling plant, from planning and drawing, to supervision of installation, plant performance guarantees etc. As the circular economy evolves to handle both resource scarcity and the ever-increasing waste amounts worldwide, business starting up will need complete solutions to deliver high-quality products with minimum effort.

It also highlights the benefits of letting a company like ELDAN Recycling deliver a complete solution for recycling tires and how it makes life easier for the tire recycler, both experienced and new ones.

The webinar will address the following:

  • Introduction to the company ELDAN Recycling and their experience in tire recycling
  • What is a turnkey tire recycling plant?
  • Advantages of a turnkey plant
  • Examples of tire plants for different needs
  • Conclusion


  • Shed light on the hidden parts and expenses to consider when investing in a tire recycling plant.

Target Audience

  • People and companies worldwide thinking about or planning to start up a tire recycling project or expand an existing recycling business.
  • Businesses looking into environmental solutions for cleaning up their waste tires.

About ELDAN Recycling

ELDAN Recycling is a manufacturer of high-quality machinery for the recycling industry with decades of experience in providing equipment for processing tough materials like tires. They have their own production facilities in Faaborg, Denmark, where everything from drawings to the electrical control is made in house to ensure the highest possible quality.

ELDAN Recycling specializes in delivering complete tire recycling solutions with guaranteed plant performances worldwide. The company has roots dating back to 1956 and have been offering tire recycling solutions for more than 30 years.


Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Area Sales Manager at ELDAN Recycling

Peter Jones has a BA in International Business from the University of London.

Started career working in Hong Kong in the early 1990’s with Banda Bracelets SA, co-ordinating business between production in China and major watch houses in Europe.

On returning back to the UK in 1994, he continued to work in the International environment with The Clarke International Group. Working in Export sales setting up distribution networks in the Middle East and Africa. He entered the recycling business in 1998, acting as an Agent for Eldan machinery with the Company MMH Wendt & then MMH Recycling based in London. Then became employed directly by ELDAN Recycling in 2014 until last year where he became a Consultant to Eldan for the UK and other markets.

Jan Kjær

Jan Kjær

Head of R&D at ELDAN Recycling

Jan Kjær has a B.Sc in Machine and Plant Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark. He has been working as a mechanical design engineer before joining the ELDAN team in 1990 as Development Engineer. Here he was responsible for the development and optimization of their recycling solutions with focus on the emerging market of tire recycling in collaboration with the Product Manager for tires.

In 2000 he was promoted to Technical Manager where he was responsible for all technical solutions at ELDAN for 10 years.

In 2010, Jan Kjær changes position to Head of the After Sales Department as well as Product Manager for various types of scrap with the responsibility of testing many different material types in the ELDAN machines.

While continuing his work as Product Manager, he returned to development as Head of R&D in 2018, where his focus has been the continued innovation and new design of the ELDAN recycling solutions.

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