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Pyrolysis Oil and the Carbon Black Circular Value Chain

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Course Content

This webinar is designed for anyone interested in the oil aspect of the carbon black value chain with a spotlight on Pyrolysis Oil. The focus will be on PyOil, Decant Oil, Coal Tar and Ethylene Pyrolysis Oil. Key This includes pyrolysis operators, pyrolysis technology providers, investors, feedstock producers & consumers, rCB / vCB consumers, producers and / or distributors. It will cover an introduction to the Carbon Black circular value chain, virgin Carbon Black Feedstocks, “pyoil competition”, and a review of PyOil options from both a technical and commercial perspective.

Objectives and Output

After participating in the introductory webinar, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge of the Carbon Black Value Chain and the role PyOil can play in increasing sustainability in the chain
  • Feedstock 101: Understand the competition PyOil faces when competing with the traditional Carbon Black feedstocks (slurry oil, coal tar, ethylene pyrolysis oil) both commercially and technically
    • What are the decision factors when sourcing feedstocks and Pyoil?
    • What are the value drivers of feedstocks and Pyoils?
  • Develop a level of knowledge of how Pyoil compares to traditional Carbon Black Feedstocks in both a technical and commercial aspect
    • Specification Review
    • Value Comparison
  • Market and Regulation Impact
    • Brief review of the impact of IMO2020 and coronavirus on the Carbon Black feedstock and PyOil markets
  • Case Review:
    • An example

Target Audience

This course will be most useful to:

  • Owners and Business managers who wish to evaluate and optimize the market potential of the oil output of their pyrolysis operation
  • Investors who wish to better understand the economic model presented by the pyrolysis market
  • Operators with a desire to extract the maximum value from their recycling plants
  • Feedstock suppliers with a desire to better understand the blending potential of PyOil
  • Feedstock consumers evaluating the oils derived from the pyrolysis process
  • All CB value chain participants wishing to better understand the role fuel oil and crude oil plays in the pricing of CB and feedstocks


Shane Perl

Shane Perl

Technical and commercial expert in the global Carbon Black Feedstock Markets, founder of Alpen Group

Shane Perl is a technical and commercial industry-recognized expert in the global Carbon Black Feedstock Markets and the founder of Alpen Group – a management consulting firm focused on carbon black and carbon black feedstock (decant oil, ethylene bottoms, distilled coal tar products, crude coal tar and other aromatic specialty chemicals). Before he founded Alpen Group in 2013, Shane had a leadership role in Cabot’s Global Feedstock department (2009 – 2013), and spent 15 years with BASF in various functional and geographic areas (1996 – 2009). Shane Perl holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. The expert maintains direct contact with many leaders, the investment community, technical experts, advisors and other stakeholders in the Carbon Black industry.

To read more about the expert, please navigate to his LinkedIn profile.

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