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Reliability and Profitability in Tyre Recycling: It All Starts with Quality Equipment

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This webinar will present the parts and pieces of a tire recycling system, from whole tyres to the end use of the tyre products. It will highlight the importance of making good purchasing decisions that start with partnering with a quality equipment supplier.

This Webinar will address the following:

  1. Where to start when shopping for tyre recycling equipment.
  2. Why is it so important what size crumb is required?
  3. How to tell whether a tyre plant is suitable for your needs.
  4. What makes the parts of a tyre recycling plant?


To help potential customers understand the planning and buying processes for a tyre recycling plant.

Target Audience

  • Potential buyers of tyre recycling facilities
  • Governmental regulatory agencies trying to understand the tyre recycling industry

About Granutech-Saturn Systems

Founded in 1968, the global company that is today Granutech-Saturn Systems, is a leader in recycling equipment design, quality and innovation, and based in Dallas, Texas. Its world class product offering includes Saturn® shredders, grinders and granulators, and powderizers and refiner mills.

Granutech-Saturn Systems is not only the result of inherent engineering and design expertise, but also strategic acquisitions of long established brands (Saturn Shredders and tire recycling equipment) in the industrial recycling equipment market. The company produces standard models and highly customized and configurable models through a comprehensive engineering services offering and in-house design, manufacturing and fabrication shop and test area with nearly 200,000 square feet of space.

Tyre Recycling Systems by Granutech-Saturn Systems.

The company’s success in the market place is a result of continuous investment in fabrication, machining, and automation integration capabilities. These capabilities can be utilized on single machines or complete tire recycling systems. Granutech's staff has an average 18 years in the industry and our company has been a leading industrial recycling manufacturer for more than 5 decades.

Granutech's company stability, application experience, engineering expertise and innovation, equipment longevity and service after the sale are qualities every company is looking for in a capital equipment supplier. To learn more about the company, watch the webinar and visit Granutech-Saturn Systems' website.


Mike Graveman

Mike Graveman

NE Region Sales Manager at Granutech-Saturn Systems

Michael “Mike” Graveman is a recycling equipment professional representing Granutech Saturn Systems, a world leader in size reduction equipment headquartered in Dallas, TX; USA. After attending the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!), Mike began working in the recycling industry in 2005, working first at Magnatech Engineering, and continuing with Granutech Saturn Systems in 2014.

Mike enjoys his time working in the recycling industry because of the variety and constant change in market conditions, material specifications, and customer needs. These changing needs in the industry have inspired Mike to be involved with numerous new product developments during his career. He believes that the only thing that remains constant in the recycling industry is that recycling professionals will always expect superior performance, quality, and product support from their equipment suppliers.

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