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Roadmap Towards Recovered Carbon Black as a Commodity

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Course Content

A large shift in acceptance and perception regarding rubber recycling and the use of more sustainable materials in the tyre and rubber industry has resulted in heightened interest and understanding of Recovered Carbon Black (rCB). One of the critical steps towards large scale adoption will be development of quality control strategies, identifying the appropriate product specifications and standards, and understanding the correlation between rCB properties and their subsequent in-rubber properties. To this end, the ASTM committee D36 on Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is currently working towards a professionalization of the rCB industry, and is developing test methods and standards to arm producers and end-users with meaningful test methods. This webinar will also provide an update on the current ASTM D36 progress and future objectives.

Objectives and Output

After participating in this webinar, participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of the key characteristics of rCB
  • Receive an update on ASTM D36 achievements and current status of test method development
  • Understand the importance of good industry standards for rCB
  • Know how to better engage in technical discussions between producers and users
  • Know what to ask for from a producer when specifications are being developed
  • Having the ability to differentiate between future grades of rCB

Target Audience

This course will be most useful to:

  • Company executives, plant managers, quality assurance managers, and sales managers within tyre pyrolysis and rCB production
  • Companies, researchers, and consultants who want to advise their stakeholders on how to better test rCB
  • End-users and producers that want a better understanding of what to ask for when developing a product specification
  • Anyone interested in an update regarding the process of test method development by ASTM D36
  • Investors evaluating a pyrolysis investment opportunity


Pieter ter Haar

Pieter ter Haar

Expert in recovered carbon black (rCB) and pyrolysis, former rubber compounder

Pieter ter Haar is an expert in recovered carbon black (rCB), pyrolysis, and is a former rubber compounder. He has extensive expertise managing R&D for rCB companies in Europe and North America. After obtaining his Chemistry degree from the Hanze University (Groningen, the Netherlands) he worked as a Rubber Compounder for Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting in the Netherlands, where he was in charge of sustainability development of rubber compounds. Pieter joined Pyrolyx/cct Stegelitz in 2015 to develop, build, and manage the first R&D competence center fully dedicated to rCB research. He is one of the founding members of ASTM committee D36 on recovered carbon black, and in his current role as Vice Chair, he leads various task groups within the committee. Pieter is currently president of Terhaar Consulting Inc. in Ontario Canada and consults internationally on various topics related to sustainability, pyrolysis and recovered Carbon Black and is part of the advisory committee for “Recovered Carbon Black World”.

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