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The Use of Micronized Tire Rubber in Plastics

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This webinar by ECO Green Equipment focuses on the production processes and financial benefits of using blends of micronized rubber with plastics, specifically polyethylenes and polypropylenes. These highbred materials result in TPO and TPE like pellets suitable for use in various plastics processes such as injection, extrusion, blow molded, and compression molding processes.


After learning the concepts involved participants will:

  • Learn the correct processes required to micronize the tire rubber into suitable feedstock for use in plastics compounding.
  • Have a general working knowledge of how twin extrusion compounding works and the various techniques and equipment used to produce a variety of blends for multiple purposes.
  • Understand the value of blending micronized tire rubber in small percentages as a filler (5% to 10%) or in higher percentages (50% and above) to either offset plastic cost, or achieve materials that are comparable to more costly TPO’s and TPE’s.

Target Audience

  • Tire processors looking for new and higher value markets / clients willing pay top dollar for their quality micronized tire rubber.
  • Plastic product producers interested in learning the value (generally $.18/lb to $.40/lb) and benefits of using micronized tire rubber as a either a filler or polymer modifier.
  • Investors who are interested in the fast developing new markets which will require new processing systems capable of producing products in high volumes from these new materials.

About ECO Green Equipment

ECO Green Equipment is one of the world’s leaders in the tire recycling equipment design and manufacturing. The company is based in Utah, United States, and stands out among world’s top-tier tire recycling equipment manufacturers by its innovative approach to equipment design, where efficiency and longevity brought to the whole new level.

Video by ECO Green Equipment.

The company’s products include tire recycling machinery for any range of input and output – from OTR tire recycling equipment to ultra-high capacity shredders for truck and car tires to fine-milling machinery for the smallest-possible rubber powder output. The product range also includes various add-on modules for factory upgrade and “starter kits” for newcomers to tire recycling business.

To learn more about ECO Green Equipment and the way the manufacturer helps companies recycle end-of-life tires and make money while doing it, please navigate to ECO Green Equipment.


Bruce Bart

Bruce Bart

North American Sales Manager at ECO Green Equipment

Bruce has been active in the plastic and rubber fields for over 30 years and has developed an expertise in all phases of these industries, including plant set-up and expansion, equipment design, product development and process management, as well as injection and blow molding processes.

Core accomplishments include building two large scale manufacturing facilities from the ground up and then overseeing all aspects of operation including day to day operations, marketing, and sales and workforce development.

The first was a 165,000 square foot facility with $38.5 M in machinery installed for producing turnkey plastics and metal stamped products. Operational oversight included in-house tool fabrication, robotic welding, roll forming, tube bending, powder coating, and distribution/logistics.

The second was a consolidation of three separate manufacturing facilities into a single 120,000 square foot facility. Overcoming the challenges of each plant being in a different state, Bruce was able to deliver on-time and on-budget. He also facilitated development of micronized tire rubber products that could be mixed with plastics and used in various industrial applications, including the automotive industry.

Through his years of experience within these two industries Bruce has worked with dozens of US and International machine manufacturing companies. This knowledge allows Bruce to determine for his clients the right sized equipment, and the appropriate configuration of this equipment, in order to achieve the most cost effective and efficient output of their products.

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