Month by month, our Weibold Academy series touches different topics from the world of tire recycling and highlights different sides of running this business. If you have missed our previous articles, you can find links in the end of this post.

During 1st quarter of 2020, Weibold is going to host online webinars designed for everyone who is interested in tire recycling and pyrolysis. If you are a newcomer to tire recycling or pyrolysis industry, you can profit from Weibold’s webinars by gaining knowledge about output, value-added products, regulations, machinery, feedstock, financial aspects of running the business, and other important aspects.

But also experienced tire recycling and pyrolysis operators will receive useful insights on how to streamline production and operations, upgrade technology setup, add value to current materials and products, apply for grants or look for funding.

Weibold will host webinars designed specifically for newcomers to the industry. But we will also invite guest speakers to cover specific topics. Furthermore, we will offer companies the opportunity to present their technology. The first webinars will help you answer the following questions:

  • What is tire recycling and pyrolysis?
  • What types of tire recycling / pyrolysis are there?
  • What are the output materials from tire recycling / pyrolysis?
  • What can be produced from the output?
  • Which regulations apply to tire recycling / pyrolysis in your region?
  • How to find input material to run tire recycling / pyrolysis operation?
  • How to establish a proper tire collection system?
  • How to choose right equipment setup for your tire recycling / pyrolysis operation?
  • How to make profit in tire recycling / pyrolysis business?
  • How to find additional funding?
  • What else do you need to know to launch tire recycling / pyrolysis business?
  • How to become successful at selling tire recycling / pyrolysis products?
  • What to upgrade to increase revenues?
  • And many other questions.

Currently, we are welcoming all interested parties to inquire about the first webinar topics, express interest in particular topics in tire recycling or pyrolysis you are most interested in, learn about participation fees and webinar schedules. To submit your inquiry, please send us an email at