Being a consulting company focused exclusively on tire recycling and tire pyrolysis, Weibold maintains liaison with numerous suppliers and key industry players around the world. With over 20 years of experience in the field and over 200 successful projects worldwide, Weibold not only knows by heart economics of running and maintaining tire recycling and pyrolysis business, but also keeps in touch with a large number of professionals who keep working actively in the industry.

Among consulting services in tire recycling and pyrolysis, Weibold offers comprehensive staff search and serves as a recruiting agent for high- and mid-level professionals. Good crew is one of the key success factors in running tire recycling or pyrolysis business, therefore Weibold helps tire recycling and pyrolysis companies hire professionals such as:

  • Plant managers – experienced plant managers ensure safe and economic operation of tire recycling facilities, minimum down time during equipment maintenance and proper oversight of your production process. They are partly responsible for logistics operations, supply chain management and coordination of the plant’s crew.
  • Production engineers – quality of recycled tire rubber and end-products needs to be assessed on regular basis to meet high standards. Production engineers help tire recycling businesses maintain quality of goods and materials on the level, ensuring consistency in output.
  • Chemical engineers – once you go beyond crumb rubber production and opt for complex rubber blends, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), rubber-modified bitumen, tire-derived oil, recovered carbon black or other goods, skilled chemical engineers become an integral and irreplaceable part of your company.
  • R&D experts and laboratory staff – turning to research and development experts in the field of recycled rubber enables you to develop new products, explore nascent markets, add more value to your goods and materials, and even partner up with industry giants. Product development isn’t an easy task and requires continuous research, thorough testing and consistent product quality improvement. Therefore, laboratory and R&D staff becomes essential component of your team once you start innovating.
  • Marketing staff – when entering market with new products, adequate and proper company image needs to be created, right customer audiences should be targeted and wise marketing strategies should be pursued.
  • Sales staff – sales staff in tire recycling business constantly follows market updates and monitors changing business environment. It tests and applies efficient sales strategies, establishes crucial relationships with company’s target customers, builds sales networks and distribution channels and ensures reaching goals set forth in the business plan.
  • Other narrow-focused and high-qualified specialists with industry-specific knowledge.

Tire recycling and tire pyrolysis business comprises many topics, and succeeding in a narrow field requires deep professional knowledge and subject-matter expertise.

Weibold is highly successful in hiring suitable staff with tire recycling related experience. What contributes to our success is our monthly tire recycling newsletter which delivered to 14,000+ direct subscribers and 30,000+ social media followers.

Weibold’s recruiting service includes drafting a job description, promoting it among our large audience worldwide, screening applications, conducting job interviews and compiling recommendation lists for the client.

To support companies in overcoming other challenging aspects of running this business, Weibold offers comprehensive consulting services. Full range of Weibold’s services is listed below:

Pre-investment consulting services

  • Market Study
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Planning
  • Bankable Business Plan
  • Due Diligence
  • Grant Search and Application
  • Investor Search
  • Used Equipment Search
  • Recruiting Services

Post-investment consulting services

  • Plant Modification
  • Used Equipment Search
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Staff Training
  • Sales Support
  • Recruiting Services
  • Expert Opinion

Since 1999, Weibold has been helping companies build successful and profitable tire recycling businesses. Reputation of the company is backed up by over 200 successful projects all around the world.

Contact Weibold today to boost your tire recycling or pyrolysis business and find best matching professionals. Email us at or call +43 1 997 1050.