On June 17, 2020 the world’s first webinar about recovered carbon black (rCB) in plastic color concentrates (also called masterbatches) was held by Martin von Wolfersdorff from Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin.

During the webinar, Martin spoke about the state of technology for recovered carbon black, introduced masterbatch basics such as types of masterbatches and color measurement with CIE L*a*b*, showcased 5 companies who offer recovered carbon black masterbatches and explained important test methods for masterbatches with recovered carbon black as well as regulatory aspects.

In addition, Martin compared the color of a recovered carbon black masterbatch with black RAL colors and gave suggestions for improving the jetness of recovered carbon black masterbatches.

The webinar had 39 participants including 5 masterbatch companies, 19 recovered carbon black companies and one carbon black company as well as machine suppliers and service companies. The webinar recording is available in the webshop of Wolfersdorff Consulting on the website of Wolfersdorff Consulting: https://wolfersdorff.com/webshop/.